Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how we treat information at

What Types of Data Are Collected by This Website?

We collect three types of information: anonymous, personally identifiable (private), and visible.

  1. Anonymous cannot be used to personally identify you. We use Google Analytics to help us with the anonymous information, tracked through the use of “cookies” for our site. More info about Google Analytics is available here. If you are concerned about sharing anonymous info with us, you can turn cookies off in your browser. With cookies off, you should still be able to access our site, but some features may not function properly.
  2. Personally identifiable information is info that you purposefully provide to us so that we can identify or contact you – name, email, phone number (optional), etc. You provide this information when filling out forms on our site. For example, during the user registration process (required to make comments), requesting contact via our Contact Us page, signing up for an event, etc.
  3. Visible information includes just about everything else, what you share that may be visible to others. When you post or publish materials to our site, then whatever you post or comment, user name and profile picture may be visible. If you have signed in from LinkedIn then limited info from your LinkedIn profile may be included alongside your comment.

How Is Personally Identifiable Information Used?

We use your personally identifiable info as appropriate based on the context where you provided it. If you requested us to contact you, then we may use the info to contact you. If you signed up for an event, then we may use the info for event planning and coordination. If you registered as a user, then we may use the info to verify registration and check that you aren’t a spammer or robot. If you have chosen to receive email updates, then we may share with you via email when we have relevant news.

Is Personally Identifiable Data Shared or Sold?

No. We do not sell or share personally identifiable info. If we believe that another organization has something significant worth sharing (and if you have given us the go-ahead to keep you posted) then we may include a relevant blurb or link in an email from us to you, but we will not sell or share your contact info to others. The only external parties we are aware of with access to your info are support services organizations who keep things running for us – website hosting company, email services provider, etc.

What Is Shared with Partner or Affiliate Organizations?

If you click on links from our site to go to other websites, those sites may know that you came from a link on this site. For example, if you click to like or share on LinkedIn or Facebook, they will be able to tie back to the relevant content here. But they will only receive your personal info if you give it to them yourself.

How Is Anonymous Data Used?

We use anonymous data to help us improve our site. We learn which pages or posts are most frequently visited, what websites commonly refer web traffic to us, generic location information (for example, visitor counts from different countries or metro areas), and similar information. This helps us continuously improve our content to make it even more useful.

How Do We Respond to Do Not Track Signals?

We currently track anonymous information even if you have set your browser choice to “Do Not Track.” Because we haven’t yet figured out how to handle these requests. Once we have figured it out, we will happily honor Do Not Track requests. We also will update this section of our privacy policy.

How Do We Protect Data?

We protect your data (and our own) data by keeping up-to-date antivirus, malware protection, spam protection, and by using strong passwords and basic common sense. We treat your data as we do our own. We cannot give a 100% guarantee on information security – but we can make sure that we aren’t an easy target.

How Long Do We Keep Data?

As long as it seems relevant for the purpose for which it was originally shared with us.

How Can a User Review or Update Their Data?

We will work on automating this process. For now, send an email to and we will respond with what information we currently have on file and instructions for making changes.

How Can a User Delete Their Data?

Deleting your data will remove your information from our user database. We will also remove associated data such as posts, comments, etc. Please note that even after we delete comments they may still exist online at sites that store historical versions of websites.


We take privacy seriously. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page or send an email to

What Is the Process for Updating This Privacy Policy?

Effectivators LLC may update our privacy policy at any time by publishing an updated version here. You can access the most current version of this privacy statement at any time on this site. If you would like to be notified by email when this policy is updated, just let us know. We will be happy to keep you posted.

Effective Date

This privacy policy is effective as of 4/26/2016.